Wellies and Wristbands 

This August bank holiday I took seven of my wonderful Guides from my unit down to Foxlease in the New Forest for the Wellies and Wristbands festival with my Best friend. It was their first ever Guide Camp where they could sleep in a tent, go off and do activities independently and then listen to amazing bands and artists in the evening! The bands performing this year were incredible and we were lucky enough to see My Forever, The Hara, Taken, The Shades, HRVY along with many other artists. Roadtrip also closed the show on the Friday night when I was lucky enough to get a picture with them. They then came back to perform again on the Sunday and again I got to talk to their manager Blair and then chat with the boys again (mostly Mikey as he is my favourite). The boys are just so down to earth and normal and that is what I love about them. The Roadtrip boys really know how to put on a show and entertained the crowd so much on both of their performances. The girls were louder on the second time round because more of them knew who they were. My Forever performed amazingly well on the Saturday evening and unfortunately they were on an early slot so there wasn’t as big of a crowd but, again I got to have a chat with them and got a picture with two of the members who were such lovely guys!! Taken and The Shades also performed incredible sets that the crowd loved but unfortunately I was unable to meet them! My bestie and I also made some new friends in a ranger leader from Somerset and two Guide leaders from Bournemouth who were absolutely lovely ladies and I truly hope we are able to stay in contact with them! I had an absolute blast this bank holiday but it is now nice to be in the New Forest cottage with my family! 

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A week in Cumbria 

It’s that time of year when we go on a family adventure and this year mum drove us all up to Cumbria. We split the journey and spent one night in Peterborough before we made it up to the most beautiful place of rolling hills that were also quite intimidating! We had hired a beautiful wooden hut called Dobby’s Lodge which had views over Skiddaw. The decor of the place was done so well and it had such a quaint and cosy feel. On the Sunday we went into the towns of Cockermouth and Keswick which were so different to any villages I have been to before with the river Derwent and river Cocker flowing through Cockermouth. St Bega’s church was a bit of a hidden gem in Bassenthwaite with a half an hour walk through fields to get to it. It is still a working church with a list of the service going ahead on the door. If you want somewhere to go wild swimming then you must visit Ullswater lake with a beautifully scenic backdrop and sailing ships out on the water it is the perfect place for a swim or kayak. For another water based walk you must visit the gorgeous waterfall Aira Force with the natural rapids and waterfalls it is a stunningly beautiful area. If you want an awesome short mountain hike then a walk in Whinlatter to Seat How is a nice 10km of mountainous terrain and is perfect for the dogs to have a run, the cafe may also be where I discovered Kiwi and Lime Old Mount Cider (delish)! We also went to a couple of awesome little pubs the Sun Inn at Bassenthwaite and the Ramblers Bar in Glenridding where I had traditional Cumberland sausage and mash for lunch!  

An afternoon tea 

If you want a quiet and tranquil afternoon filled with tea and delicious cake then you must go and visit Jo and the lovely staff at this delightful tea rooms in East Sussex!! I have only just visited for afternoon tea and it was so beautiful I had to blog about it straight away!! The Tic Toc is situated in a small village and is a combination of a gift shop, a hairdressers and a tea rooms out the back with an amazing view across the cliffs. I have been filled with countless cups of tea and lots of delicious sandwiches and cakes, which are all made by the wonderful team who welcome you with big smiles. To spend some quality with my cousin, nanny and mummy in a gorgeous setting is the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon off work! 

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Lunch in a Country Pub 

We are so blessed to have so many beautiful country pubs in Sussex and although I have been to quite a few I haven’t even really got started! There is something really relaxing about going out for lunch at a country pub on a summers day when you can sit in a beer garden with the people you love and eat the most delicious and traditional pub grub. My favourite country pub in Sussex is the Royal Oak at Pett. It is such a lovely village pub with a cricket green opposite and is perfect for a lunch time sandwich with your family or friends. I don’t know if it is just me but when it comes to the summer I prefer to be out in the fresh air enjoying the weather rather than being sat inside a restaurant in the evening. I recently went to a country pub called the Ash Tree Inn for lunch with two of my very good friends and it really cheered me up because as we were waiting for our food to arrive, the local hunt rode past and actually stopped for drinks at the pub. The food at the pub was delicious although I did have a cheese overload with Camembert starter and macaroni cheese main ( thank you Shannon for ordering me a starter). My new saying lately is ‘Do What You Love’, when it comes to tackling anxiety and depression frequently and trying to please everybody but yourself, you don’t do anything that makes you happy and that you enjoy doing. One of my favourite things to do is spend time with my family and friends. Another of my favourite things is to go out to country pubs for lunch so I just combine the two. There are so many lovely country pubs around the whole of the country and although I am only blessed with the ones in Sussex most of the time, why don’t you go out and find a country pub for lunch. I can guarantee you won’t be 100% disappointed with your decision. Below is a list of some of my favourite country pubs around East Sussex. 

The Queens Head – Icklesham

The Royal Oak – Pett

The Cricketers Arms – Alfriston

The Ash Tree Inn – Ashburnham

The Six Bells Inn – Chiddingly

The Barley Mow Selmeston

The Swann Inn – Dallington

The Lamb Inn – Hooe 

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Wellies and Wristbands

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been having a lovely last few days of the Summer Holidays before you go back to school.

On Thursday I travelled down to Foxlease Training and Activity Centre in Lyndhurst, Hampshire, for a Girl Guiding Festival called Wellies and Wristbands. The festival is organised by volunteers and the centre manager and is like a mini Glastonbury for Guides and The Senior Section.

I went down as a volunteer and worked on the Security team along with some really lovely people. I was put in the Princess Mary House for my accommodation in the Australia room and lucky for me I was sharing a room with some awesome ladies!

On the Friday all of the units arrived from all across the country. They started arriving by twelve and had to have their tents pitched and be ready for dinner at 1700 that evening. The first evening consisted of five performers; The Waiters; Joey Devries, Victoria Louise, Josh Taylor, Jack Morlen and Michael Sutthakorn. The girls really enjoyed their first evening.

On the Saturday the girls could enjoy loads of different activities throughout the day, their was a Pamper Zone, a Walled Garden Café, different activities from crate stacking to kayaking, Hot Tubs, a Craft Tent, inflatables and Segway’s to name but a few things. On the Saturday evening there were another five performers: RoadTrip, Channy Thompson, Chloe Adam, Polar Collective and Alien Uncovered.

The Sunday was pretty much the same as the Saturday with the girls doing the activities they were unable to do the previous day. I was part of the Security team throughout my time and on Sunday I was by the stage for the performances on the Sunday. There were yet again some great performers that the girls loved: Kevin Simm, The Brooks, Lew Rey and District 12.

The whole event was a massive success with 2500 girls and leaders all coming together in one place! The décor for the event was amazing with windmills up the drive way, fairy lights through the campsites leading the way and lanterns, signs and bunting to give it the all important festival feel.

The Catering was amazing with the set menu being so varied and catering for everybody’s individual needs. There was also a Night Café which served chips and burgers, as well as a visit from Ice Cream Vans and a Tango Blast Van.

I met some such wonderful people over the weekend and will most definitely be going back again next year whether it be volunteering or taking my guides with me so that they can experience this fun and safe environment!

I want to give a huge shout out to the centre and all of the volunteers especially Anne and her team who organised and carried out the whole event.

I will leave a link to the Wellies and Wristbands Song by Polar Collective Here

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Awesomely Worthless





A Lovely Easter Weekend

Hello everybody,

I hope those of you that celebrate Easter have had a lovely Easter weekend and not eaten too much chocolate!!

This weekend has been a busy and eventful weekend with family visiting. 

Breakfast of course consisted of a toasted hot cross bun with butter and a cup of tea in my favourite cup of the week.   

Yesterday my family on my dad’s side came down for dinner, which meant that our little cousin was coming down. We held an Easter Egg hunt for him which I joined in with as my little sister hid the eggs around the house and the garden, of course he got to take all of the chocolates home, we then did some Easter baking which consisted of making chocolate treats due to the time limit we had. 

After our baking of course we had to take a trip to the farm so the pups could have a run!! 

For supper we had beef casserole with veg and roast potatoes lovingly cooked by my mother and of course the meal wasn’t complete without a cocktail and nanny’s homemade apple pie for desert. 


It was such a lovely day and I’m so grateful that I still have so much family to spend time with. 

Today has started with seeing how many Easter eggs the bunny bought me, I’m glad to say there were five plus extras. I then had breakfast of the obvious choice (boiled egg and soldiers) in my new egg cup. There was of course an Easter egg for the pups as well.

Today has been a bit more of a lazier day though with a long windy hike up the South Downs with the pups to see the sheep and cows waiting to have their babies on the farm. And then chilling on the sofa with my family watching silly films and the reruns of Sherlock that have been on television with a glass of sparkling rosé. 

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and for those who don’t celebrate it I hope you have had a lovely weekend. 

Blog you later 



A day of Plant hunting!!

Hello everyone, 

Today I have spent the day with my Nanny running around the local garden centre to try and find a rose plant do one of my retiring work colleagues. We went to a garden centre called Wyevale who I had rung up on Thursday and said they had the plant in stock but when we arrived they no longer had it. So instead I bought a Nutella recipe book and five children’s books from my childhood. 

So rather than giving up we went to Blackbrooks which is such a cool store it is a mixture of a home and garden store, clothing store and a restaurant.  We decided that we would grab some lunch in the restaurant I chose to have a tuna melt with a slice of cheesecake, which turned out to be like rubber and flavourless, with a cup of tea. We may have also shared a cheeky portion of chips.

After lunch we looked round the store where I bought a new polo shirt for my dad and some new plants for my mum. I nearly bought these really cute Gruffalo wellies for my cousins newborn son as a Christmas present but nanny persuaded me to get them some other time. 

All in all it was a very successful trip to the Garden centres but the only thing I didn’t get which I really needed was the retirement rose!  It will mean I will have to go on a further adventure tomorrow to find one.

This afternoon I have been back out to the farm with my parents and the pups. The fields have now been muck spread and will soon be plowed. 

What have you done today?

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