October Favourites 

I haven’t done one of these in a long time!! I wanted to share with you some of my favourite products which I have been using over the past month. Product number one is the Child’s Farm Moisturiser, this product makes my skin so soft and has really helped reduce my sisters eczema, it was recommended by my friend who uses it for her baby but it works on the skin of anybody!! 

Next up are the John West Snack Pots, especially the tuna ones, these are so tasty and are perfect for a quick and filling lunch on my rush days at work! My favourite has to be the sun dried tomato pot but I think they are all delicious!! 

Next has to be my Bare Minerals powder foundation!! This foundation is amazing and gives my skin great coverage without antagonising my skin to much. It is so light and last much longer than some of the other foundations I have used, which have mostly been liquid. 

My last favourite for this month has to be Spotify! This app is amazing I love the range of music that you can get through one app and using my daily playlist to be introduced to new artists that I may never have listened to before!! I find it much better than other music apps I have used in the past and I would really recommend it to anyone!

I know this is rather a short post but I promise I will try and get in to posting some more in the future!! I hope you are having a lovely autumn!! 

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A Roadtrip to see Road Trip 

Yesterday I went up to the O2 Academy in Islington to go and see Road Trip on their headline tour. I went up with my bestie and little sister and my besties brother kindly said he would drive us so we got super close to the venue without getting wet. There were so many girlies waiting to see the boys perform and to be involved in the filming of their music video for After the Show. The staff at the venue were lovely and showed my sister, Holly and I to the side of the stage where we stayed for the whole of the show. Robyn and Chloe were supporting the boys and they put on a great show but the boys were as always outstanding and didn’t fail to please the crowds. We stopped off for my first ever Frankie and Benny’s on the way home which was absolutely delish and Holly and I discovered salted caramel martinis (haha). 
My vlog for the day
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Top five tips for starting School or College! 

I know quite a lot of people who will be starting a new school or college this year and I know how nerve wracking and how much of a change it is going from primary school to secondary school or secondary school to college. I am going to share with you my top five tips that I think should be followed when you are starting a new place (even a new job)!! I know a lot of people that have dropped out of extra curricular activities due to it not being cool or because their new friends don’t do it!! If you follow these tips you shouldn’t have to give anything up!! 

1) Be Yourself – this may be quite an obvious one but it is amazing how many people try to adapt their personality to try and fit in or make things out to be better than you are. Sadly you will get found out in the future so from the very start just be yourself and don’t feel ashamed about being yourself either!! 

2) Smile at everybody – A smile goes a long way and may even be the highlight of somebody’s day. There is no harm at smiling at everybody and you never know it may lead to a conversation and maybe even a friendship! 

3) Don’t be afraid to be nervous – I know that lots of people feel nervous about starting somewhere new but you won’t be the only one. If you don’t know where your class is or what is going on ask somebody, they will tell you. If it is a teacher they will be used to be asked where something is and even an older student has been in the same position as you so can help you out. 

4) Don’t try and be friends with everybody – In the real world not everybody will like you, that’s just the way it is. Don’t be disheartened by it and don’t try and force a friendship. You will soon enough make your own friends and these people will be genuine friends rather than fake friends. Making friends takes time so choose wisely and don’t change yourself to be friends with one person! 

5) Have fun!!! – I finished school in 2013 and college in 2014 (after one year). I know that school and college years will be the best years of your life where you may make life long friends. Trust me!! If you work hard, be yourself and have fun not only will you have an awesome first week but you will also have an awesome first year!!! 

I will be thinking if everybody starting a new chapter in their lives this week and I wish you all luck and success. Remember that no matter what happens in your first week you are amazing and the only person you need to make happy is yourself!! 

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August Favourites 

I have shared my monthly favourites with you in an age and it’s mostly because I have been so busy! I only have three favourite products this month which isn’t many but I have been using them so much that I had to blog about them. First is the Mickey Mouse pleather backpack which my bestie and I bought in Primark for many outings we may go on with my guide unit! This rucksack is the perfect size and fits so much in but, it is also pretty stylish and is easy to wipe clean with wet wipes if it gets dirty! Next is Louise Pentland’s book Wilde Like Me. I have gotten lost in this book on many an evening and I love the way it has been written. When I’m reading it the characters really come to life and I am eager to continue reading to the next chapter. I have really loved using the Bioré facial products in particular the deep pore charcaol cleanser. I have been using this daily and it has really cleared my skin up and isn’t too expensive either. I have quite sensitive skin but, this product hasn’t given me any problems. Let me know what your favourite products have been this month and what I should try out. 

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A week in Spain 🇪🇸 

Last week my best friend and I went to the Costa Del Sol to chill and spend some much needed time in the sun! Our flight was super early on the Monday morning so we stayed at the Premier Inn at Gatwick’s North Terminal, of course we had to get a pic of our matching pjs in the bathroom mirror because the lighting was just right. We arrived at Malaga Airport early on Monday morning and went and collected our car which was a horrible colour Fiat Panda, we then drove down to Fuengirola which is around 20 minutes south of Malaga. We found a parking space and our first trip was to the Zoo where there were so many school children on a tour but we managed to spend a couple of hours looking around, we also got a really nice picture so that was a bonus. After the zoo we walked through the lanes down to the beach where we found a lovely café for a spot of lunch, whilst we were there we met a couple who used to live in Hastings but now live out in Fuengirola full time talk about small world! After lunch we went for a wander down onto the beach and it was then time to head back to the car to drive to our resort. We stayed at Club Marbella which is part of the Crown Resorts, a chain of family resorts with something for everybody, around the Costa Del Sol. The apartment was lovely and we couldn’t wait to get down to the pool and chill. Most of our holiday was chilling down by the pool where I watched the first two seasons of Line of Duty on Netflix and I read the whole of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, we also did a bit of swimming in the pool. On Wednesday we ate at the restaurant on the resort as there were Flamenco dancers performing and I wanted to see them. At dinner I found the most delicious snack/starter of deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce OMG it was amazing! The Flamenco dancers were awesome as usual and of course there had to be somebody who kissed them at the end. On the Thursday we went down the road to Little Italy for dinner. We had cheesy garlic bread which was so gooey and delicious, I then had Seafood Pasta cooked to perfection in a tomato sauce and for dessert it had to be the classic Coconut Ice Cream served in half of a coconut, it was an amazing last meal of the holiday and I can’t wait to go back there for food sometime soon! We flew back to Gatwick late on the Friday night and it was safe to say that we had a fabulously relaxing holiday. I would also like to say how immensely proud I am of my best friend for conquering a lot of fears on the holiday from flying on a plane, to driving in a foreign country and speaking to different people without prompting, I knew how difficult the holiday was for her and it is safe to say she was tested a lot that whole week! Thank you for an amazing experience best one!! 

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March Favourites 

It’s April!! Can you believe it?? So many things have happened in March and it is now time to share with you my favourite products which I have been using throughout the last month. 

First up is my new baby. I am now a proud owner of my new car and I couldn’t love it any more!! It was not the car I was going to test drive and if you’d have asked a month ago if I would own a car like it I would have said no way!! I now adore this car, it is so comfortable to drive for long commutes to work and has enough space to fit seven big bin bags in the boot and three people in the back less cramped than in my previous car. 

Second are my high waisted skinny jeans from Marks and Spencer!! I don’t know whether I put these in my last favourites but again I have been living in these jeans they are soft and comfortable and the colour is perfect for a spring windy day out!! I normally wear these jeans with some converse and a blouse type top. 

If you are looking for the perfect sweet snack that’s healthier than a chocolate bar then I can highly recommend these Trek original oak protein flapjacks. I found these in the Free From isle in the supermarket and they are so tasty and full of flavour!! They are also sold in cocoa and coconut flavour which are equally delicious. 

I have been having some trouble with my skin lately and it has been really sensitive but I have been using the Nivea refreshing toner to try and cool and soothe my skin and it has worked a treat! I use this before I go to bed or before I apply make up and it makes my skin so soft and ready for the day! 

My final favourite for the past month is the film the Immitation Game. I bought this solely because it has Benedict Cumberbatch in it who is one of my favourite actors. I can surprisingly say I love this film and would tell anybody I know to watch it. I have watched it around three times this month and it is such a beautiful tale about a man who lived in my home town. 

What have been your favourite products for March? Let me know what you think I should try in the products I would love to hear suggestions!! 

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My Top Ten High Street Stores

Hello everybody,
I thought it was time to share with you which high street stores you would most likely find me in when I am out shopping, these are a mixture of stores from clothing to home ware. I don’t really like going shopping that much but when I do there are certain stores that I just have to go in whilst I am in the mood for spending my money!

The first store is one of my absolute favourites because of the cheap prices and the array of products you can get! If you haven’t guessed it from that description then I am hoping that you have never heard of Primark. This is a store that I can spend at least half an hour in going around and then coming out with at least two big bags full of clothes, shoes, home products and accessories. This is also one of my favourite stores because it sells something for everybody and although a lot of the clothes are always in season it still brings in new items along with new exciting things that find their way into my basket.

The Steamer Trading Cook shop is my idea of kitchen heaven!! If you are an avid baker or cook then this is a store for you. I don’t yet have my own kitchen but I would basically buy the whole of the store if I could because the quality of the products is so good. This is a bit more of a pricey high street store but you will come out with something in your hand be it a new mug or a silicone spatula.

If you are a shopper who cannot go home without a new accessory for your house or bedroom then Home Sense is the shop for you. This is again on of my favourite stores which will receive a lot of business when I get my own place. The products are of a beautiful quality and it has almost everything you could dream of. This is the perfect store for those little ideas if you love all things interior design!

My fourth shop is probably a shop that a lot of people have to go into if they are close to one because the scent is just so enticing! Yes I am talking about Lush. I can easily come out of this shop with more than I intended to buy but that is because I know that whatever I buy will be of good quality and totally worth the money. Even if you just want a different bath experience by trying some new bubbles out then get a bubble bar from this place!

We’ve reached half way on my top ten and number five is another store that I go to for clothes. River Island is a store that makes great clothes that will last practically forever! It is also the store that I can rely on for having the latest trends from the fashion world at not to expensive prices. It also a good store because it sells clothes for men, women and children so you don’t have to spend to long shopping for everybody if you can find what you want in one store.

I love going into Next if I am again looking for clothes that I know will keep for as long as possible because although it is a bit more pricey they also do some beautiful home products and some great work wear clothing for cheap prices. Next is a store that a lot of people would associate with kids and middle aged women but if you look hard enough you can find something for everybody! You also have to be a quick thinker when it is Sale time at Next because as soon as stock is reduced it is near enough sold out.

FatFace is another store that would be associated mostly with middle aged women. But I have purchased three pairs of my favourite shorts from here and they have lasted me for years I also bought my favourite holiday swimming costume from here and it goes on every holiday with me! FatFace is one of those shops that you can go into and if you look hard enough you will find something you love!

Zara brings me to my eight favourite High street store again for home and clothes. Zara is another pricier high street store but it is so lovely and has some really nice products. It is another on trend younger persons clothes store and isn’t quite as generous with its sizes as some of the other stores I have mentioned but I can still get some great items in there for a bit more of a dressier day.

Number nine is Schuh which true to its name is a shoe shop. I love this store because you can get so many different brands under one roof and the prices are reasonable. All of the stores I have been in have also been light and airy and the staff are so polite. If you want some shoes or just like to look at shoes then you have to go to this store!

The final store on my list is Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is one of those stores that you can either love or hate but I love it! The ranges of clothing are generous in style and sizing and some of the home ware products you can get are really quirky. This isn’t a store that I over indulge in but it certainly doesn’t get left out on a shopping trip.

So there you have it! My top ten high street stores. What stores would be on your top ten list and why? Let me know in the comments, also tell me what stores you think I would love.

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