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Shredded Feet and up at the O2 

On Saturday evening I was out on a walk along the seafront with my family and dogs when a lady came running up from the sea shouting for somebody to help her rescue a baby seal. My mum nominated my sister and I to go and help rescue it and I spent around half an hour running bare foot around the rock pools and in and out of the sea fully dressed trying to get this seal back out to sea. The seal was fine and finally went back out to sea but I ended up with five or six cuts on each of my feet which really blooming hurt. Today was a special day because we took my nan up to the O2 for her Christmas present. My sister, mum and I drove up to Eltham to meet up with my Nans best friend (Auntie Jan) at her house and we got the bus to the O2. We had a bit of time to spare so my mum, sister and I went on the Emirates Cable Car which was amazing, you could see so much of London! At two o’clock it was time for my Nan’s Christmas present, my sister and I were meant to be joining my nan in a climb Up at the O2 but unfortunately my sister couldn’t partake so my poor Auntie Jan got roped in to go up. The experience was amazing and the view was incredible. I would highly recommend to anybody who likes heights and a thrill to book tickets to go Up at the O2. My nan, Auntie Jam and I had an amazing time and our guide Rory was amazing as he stayed with my nan and Auntie Jan for the whole experience helping them when they got stuck! After the climb we rejoined my mum, sister and Uncle Ken for some dinner. We went to Zizzi’s which was as always incredibly and we all chowed down. I went for my usual Pink G&T, chicken and mushroom risotto and then to finish my sister and I shared the salted caramel brownie and the white chocolate and raspberry blondie. Today has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful that my family love adventures even on a Sunday! 💕

An afternoon tea 

If you want a quiet and tranquil afternoon filled with tea and delicious cake then you must go and visit Jo and the lovely staff at this delightful tea rooms in East Sussex!! I have only just visited for afternoon tea and it was so beautiful I had to blog about it straight away!! The Tic Toc is situated in a small village and is a combination of a gift shop, a hairdressers and a tea rooms out the back with an amazing view across the cliffs. I have been filled with countless cups of tea and lots of delicious sandwiches and cakes, which are all made by the wonderful team who welcome you with big smiles. To spend some quality with my cousin, nanny and mummy in a gorgeous setting is the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon off work! 

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A week in Spain 🇪🇸 

Last week my best friend and I went to the Costa Del Sol to chill and spend some much needed time in the sun! Our flight was super early on the Monday morning so we stayed at the Premier Inn at Gatwick’s North Terminal, of course we had to get a pic of our matching pjs in the bathroom mirror because the lighting was just right. We arrived at Malaga Airport early on Monday morning and went and collected our car which was a horrible colour Fiat Panda, we then drove down to Fuengirola which is around 20 minutes south of Malaga. We found a parking space and our first trip was to the Zoo where there were so many school children on a tour but we managed to spend a couple of hours looking around, we also got a really nice picture so that was a bonus. After the zoo we walked through the lanes down to the beach where we found a lovely café for a spot of lunch, whilst we were there we met a couple who used to live in Hastings but now live out in Fuengirola full time talk about small world! After lunch we went for a wander down onto the beach and it was then time to head back to the car to drive to our resort. We stayed at Club Marbella which is part of the Crown Resorts, a chain of family resorts with something for everybody, around the Costa Del Sol. The apartment was lovely and we couldn’t wait to get down to the pool and chill. Most of our holiday was chilling down by the pool where I watched the first two seasons of Line of Duty on Netflix and I read the whole of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, we also did a bit of swimming in the pool. On Wednesday we ate at the restaurant on the resort as there were Flamenco dancers performing and I wanted to see them. At dinner I found the most delicious snack/starter of deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce OMG it was amazing! The Flamenco dancers were awesome as usual and of course there had to be somebody who kissed them at the end. On the Thursday we went down the road to Little Italy for dinner. We had cheesy garlic bread which was so gooey and delicious, I then had Seafood Pasta cooked to perfection in a tomato sauce and for dessert it had to be the classic Coconut Ice Cream served in half of a coconut, it was an amazing last meal of the holiday and I can’t wait to go back there for food sometime soon! We flew back to Gatwick late on the Friday night and it was safe to say that we had a fabulously relaxing holiday. I would also like to say how immensely proud I am of my best friend for conquering a lot of fears on the holiday from flying on a plane, to driving in a foreign country and speaking to different people without prompting, I knew how difficult the holiday was for her and it is safe to say she was tested a lot that whole week! Thank you for an amazing experience best one!! 

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Brighton Shopping Haul

On Friday Hannah and I ended up back in Brighton for a day of shopping. Brighton is one of my favourite places to go shopping because there are so many shops. I am going to share with you some of my favourite purchases from the day. 

The first shop I went into was Mothercare and I couldn’t help buying this gorgeous top for my Cousins baby. I love the grey jersey feel of the top and it couldn’t be more summery with an ice cream design all around it. 

I have never been into Pull & Bear because I didn’t really think I would like the style of clothing that there was but I fell in love with this three quarter length let’s be mermaids top which will be perfect for a beach day, and this light green ‘not your sweetheart darling’ oversized tee with a corset tie down on the bottom. 

We then trekked to the most dangerous shop I should ever be allowed lose in, Primark. I must admit I was very reserved this trip and didn’t spend as much as I normally can in one go but I did buy some amazingly colourful tops perfect for Spain such as this my little pony crop tee and the Disney ice cream crop top. I also couldn’t resist some my little mermaid hot pant shorts or the ‘happiness is an attitude’ vest with an open back. 

I don’t normally buy anything denim from Primark but I couldn’t not buy these ripped denim shorts with embroidery on just because they said ‘follow your heart’. 

Because I’m off to Spain with Hannah next week we had to get some matching things so we found a Little mermaid beach towel and some cute lady and the tramp short pjs. 

I am obsessed with shoes and sunglasses so of course I couldn’t leave Primark without some new shoes or a new pair of sunnies. I found these rose gold aviators for £1 which were bargain and then found some novelty flip flops which slipped into my basket. I bought one of these makeup brushes that a lot of people seem to be using to see if they are any good so I am looking forward to trying it out. My final purchase from Primark were just some plain silver heeled sandals which I could wear on an evening out to finish an outfit. 

I don’t normally shop in Urban outfitter either but couldn’t resist having a look as they were advertising a sale. There wasn’t really anything that I liked in the women’s section but I found an awesome top and jumper in the men’s section that are perfect for an oversized look. I also loved the colours of each of the items! The top has a cat on the front and then on the back it said alley cat which just reminded me of the Aristocats. The jumper says thank you on the front and then on the back it says thank you have a nice day. I think these two things would be nice with some ripped jeans and trainers. 

I couldn’t walk past Pandora without going in and purchasing something I chose this gorgeous baby blue ring with simple diamond effects. I adore it! 

My final purchase of the whole day was an instax mini camera. I’ve wanted a Polaroid camera for a while and to be able to finally buy one and for one to be in stock in my favourite colour was a bonus!! I can’t wait to see what sort of quality the pictures will be like. 

Hannah also bought me a present on the trip. She had told me that I wasn’t allowed to buy a mug for work when we went shopping previously and she bought me this really cute and cheesy let’s avo-cuddle mug from New Look which will be put to good use at work!!

I hope you have all had a good weekend!!

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A birthday surprise!!

Whose silly idea was it to go to LEGOLAND on Easter Saturday!?!? That’s right it was mine and I’m so glad we did go because we had an amazing day!I borrowed my friends daughter to take her to LEGOLAND for her birthday treat, I can’t believe she is nine already she needs to stop growing up so quickly! As a surprise I had also invited my little sister, my other friend and her stepdaughter along for the day. Driving to Windsor with two kids is hard work when you have never driven that far before and have to listen to Ed Sheeran and Rag n Bone Man on repeat. We left town at around 7.30am and got to our destination for the best day ever around 10.00am, of course we would have got their earlier if we hadn’t stopped for an emergency Starbucks. LEGOLAND is an amazing place and there are so many rides to go on, from the miniland which was just as good if not better than I remember it to the Drench Towers which opens on the warm summers days. Food at these sort of places can be so blooming expensive so I decided it would be a nice idea to take a picnic. I made up a low fat pasta salad with some other nibbly bits and of course sweet treats like cookie and jam tarts. Going on the rides really took me back to my childhood when I used to visit with my friends when I was the girls age. Keeping them entertained whilst we waited in the queues was a little bit of a challenge as there were only so many rounds of eye spy you could play in one spot but, with some silly songs and games we eventually made it to the front of the queue without any whinging and whining. my favourite ride without a doubt had to be the Atlantis submarine ride where you rode in a submarine and saw loads of fish from around the world. We left the park around half past four and were all quite hungry so we went into Windsor for dinner at the Harvester which was delicious and much needed before the two hour drive home. Although it was a fairly long day I hope that everybody enjoyed themselves and had as much fun as I did (because to be honest the only reason I took Chloe was because I wanted to go). One mistake I did make for the day was wearing jeans instead of jeggings as they took much longer to dry out and I did have to walk around like I had wet myself for a while!! We got home around eight o’clock in the evening with two very sleepy little girlies and lots of happy memories of the day out!! I really hope that Chloe’s birthday surprise was a great one and that she will remember it for a while. Thank you Mazz for allowing me to borrow your daughter and thank you Holly, Evie and Mollie for coming along as well!!

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One Year Celebration!!

I can’t believe my Guide Unit has been open for a year! This year has gone so fast and my unit has grown in size and almost tripled. I wouldn’t have been able to keep it going without the ongoing support from my mum, my best friend (Hannah) and the other leaders at the Brownie and Rainbow Unit.
To celebrate my unit being open for a year I decided it would be a nice idea to take the girls out on a day trip so, we hoped on a train and went to Brighton for the day. The weather was beautiful for a spring day so the girls didn’t mind walking between different destinations as much. Our first stop was the SeaLife Centre on the seafront where we saw so many different sea creatures and the girls got to play in the interactive rock pool. I had as much fun as they did looking at all of the fish! 

We then had to stop off for our picnic lunch so we went down on the pebbles of Brighton Beach where we ate our lunch and talked about how much we enjoyed the Aquarium. Our next stop was of course the Pier where I allowed the girls time to play in the arcades and go on the waltzers at the end of the Pier (fortunately we had no throw ups of lunch and the girls really enjoyed the air hockey tournaments that we held). Whilst on the pier Hannah and I found an awesome game where you had to knock down the clowns to win tickets. I won myself enough tickets for a snazzy palace pier mug which I surprisingly love!

After an hour or so on the Pier it was time to make our way to Pizza Hut for our celebratory meal out. We had prebooked the table otherwise the poor restaurant wouldn’t have been able to cope with having 17 people turn up who all wanted to sit together! The girls had the Big Heroes menu option whilst the adults were allowed an adult meal which was delicious and everybody found something that they liked to eat. I of course finished off my meal with salted caramel cookie dough and ice cream. It was such a lovely trip to Brighton and the weather made it all the more worthwhile as it was warm and sunny for the whole day!! I want to take this opportunity to give a big shoutout to the lovely staff at Queens Road Brighton Pizza Hut who were so accommodating and treated our girls with respect thank you so much for allowing us to have a super fun time!! 

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Lunch in a Country Pub 

We are so blessed to have so many beautiful country pubs in Sussex and although I have been to quite a few I haven’t even really got started! There is something really relaxing about going out for lunch at a country pub on a summers day when you can sit in a beer garden with the people you love and eat the most delicious and traditional pub grub. My favourite country pub in Sussex is the Royal Oak at Pett. It is such a lovely village pub with a cricket green opposite and is perfect for a lunch time sandwich with your family or friends. I don’t know if it is just me but when it comes to the summer I prefer to be out in the fresh air enjoying the weather rather than being sat inside a restaurant in the evening. I recently went to a country pub called the Ash Tree Inn for lunch with two of my very good friends and it really cheered me up because as we were waiting for our food to arrive, the local hunt rode past and actually stopped for drinks at the pub. The food at the pub was delicious although I did have a cheese overload with Camembert starter and macaroni cheese main ( thank you Shannon for ordering me a starter). My new saying lately is ‘Do What You Love’, when it comes to tackling anxiety and depression frequently and trying to please everybody but yourself, you don’t do anything that makes you happy and that you enjoy doing. One of my favourite things to do is spend time with my family and friends. Another of my favourite things is to go out to country pubs for lunch so I just combine the two. There are so many lovely country pubs around the whole of the country and although I am only blessed with the ones in Sussex most of the time, why don’t you go out and find a country pub for lunch. I can guarantee you won’t be 100% disappointed with your decision. Below is a list of some of my favourite country pubs around East Sussex. 

The Queens Head – Icklesham

The Royal Oak – Pett

The Cricketers Arms – Alfriston

The Ash Tree Inn – Ashburnham

The Six Bells Inn – Chiddingly

The Barley Mow Selmeston

The Swann Inn – Dallington

The Lamb Inn – Hooe 

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