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Shredded Feet and up at the O2 

On Saturday evening I was out on a walk along the seafront with my family and dogs when a lady came running up from the sea shouting for somebody to help her rescue a baby seal. My mum nominated my sister and I to go and help rescue it and I spent around half an hour running bare foot around the rock pools and in and out of the sea fully dressed trying to get this seal back out to sea. The seal was fine and finally went back out to sea but I ended up with five or six cuts on each of my feet which really blooming hurt. Today was a special day because we took my nan up to the O2 for her Christmas present. My sister, mum and I drove up to Eltham to meet up with my Nans best friend (Auntie Jan) at her house and we got the bus to the O2. We had a bit of time to spare so my mum, sister and I went on the Emirates Cable Car which was amazing, you could see so much of London! At two o’clock it was time for my Nan’s Christmas present, my sister and I were meant to be joining my nan in a climb Up at the O2 but unfortunately my sister couldn’t partake so my poor Auntie Jan got roped in to go up. The experience was amazing and the view was incredible. I would highly recommend to anybody who likes heights and a thrill to book tickets to go Up at the O2. My nan, Auntie Jam and I had an amazing time and our guide Rory was amazing as he stayed with my nan and Auntie Jan for the whole experience helping them when they got stuck! After the climb we rejoined my mum, sister and Uncle Ken for some dinner. We went to Zizzi’s which was as always incredibly and we all chowed down. I went for my usual Pink G&T, chicken and mushroom risotto and then to finish my sister and I shared the salted caramel brownie and the white chocolate and raspberry blondie. Today has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful that my family love adventures even on a Sunday! đź’•

A week in Cumbria 

It’s that time of year when we go on a family adventure and this year mum drove us all up to Cumbria. We split the journey and spent one night in Peterborough before we made it up to the most beautiful place of rolling hills that were also quite intimidating! We had hired a beautiful wooden hut called Dobby’s Lodge which had views over Skiddaw. The decor of the place was done so well and it had such a quaint and cosy feel. On the Sunday we went into the towns of Cockermouth and Keswick which were so different to any villages I have been to before with the river Derwent and river Cocker flowing through Cockermouth. St Bega’s church was a bit of a hidden gem in Bassenthwaite with a half an hour walk through fields to get to it. It is still a working church with a list of the service going ahead on the door. If you want somewhere to go wild swimming then you must visit Ullswater lake with a beautifully scenic backdrop and sailing ships out on the water it is the perfect place for a swim or kayak. For another water based walk you must visit the gorgeous waterfall Aira Force with the natural rapids and waterfalls it is a stunningly beautiful area. If you want an awesome short mountain hike then a walk in Whinlatter to Seat How is a nice 10km of mountainous terrain and is perfect for the dogs to have a run, the cafe may also be where I discovered Kiwi and Lime Old Mount Cider (delish)! We also went to a couple of awesome little pubs the Sun Inn at Bassenthwaite and the Ramblers Bar in Glenridding where I had traditional Cumberland sausage and mash for lunch!  

A birthday surprise!!

Whose silly idea was it to go to LEGOLAND on Easter Saturday!?!? That’s right it was mine and I’m so glad we did go because we had an amazing day!I borrowed my friends daughter to take her to LEGOLAND for her birthday treat, I can’t believe she is nine already she needs to stop growing up so quickly! As a surprise I had also invited my little sister, my other friend and her stepdaughter along for the day. Driving to Windsor with two kids is hard work when you have never driven that far before and have to listen to Ed Sheeran and Rag n Bone Man on repeat. We left town at around 7.30am and got to our destination for the best day ever around 10.00am, of course we would have got their earlier if we hadn’t stopped for an emergency Starbucks. LEGOLAND is an amazing place and there are so many rides to go on, from the miniland which was just as good if not better than I remember it to the Drench Towers which opens on the warm summers days. Food at these sort of places can be so blooming expensive so I decided it would be a nice idea to take a picnic. I made up a low fat pasta salad with some other nibbly bits and of course sweet treats like cookie and jam tarts. Going on the rides really took me back to my childhood when I used to visit with my friends when I was the girls age. Keeping them entertained whilst we waited in the queues was a little bit of a challenge as there were only so many rounds of eye spy you could play in one spot but, with some silly songs and games we eventually made it to the front of the queue without any whinging and whining. my favourite ride without a doubt had to be the Atlantis submarine ride where you rode in a submarine and saw loads of fish from around the world. We left the park around half past four and were all quite hungry so we went into Windsor for dinner at the Harvester which was delicious and much needed before the two hour drive home. Although it was a fairly long day I hope that everybody enjoyed themselves and had as much fun as I did (because to be honest the only reason I took Chloe was because I wanted to go). One mistake I did make for the day was wearing jeans instead of jeggings as they took much longer to dry out and I did have to walk around like I had wet myself for a while!! We got home around eight o’clock in the evening with two very sleepy little girlies and lots of happy memories of the day out!! I really hope that Chloe’s birthday surprise was a great one and that she will remember it for a while. Thank you Mazz for allowing me to borrow your daughter and thank you Holly, Evie and Mollie for coming along as well!!

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What I eat in a day – 2

I thought it was time for another what I eat in a day post as I haven’t done one for a while and it is now time for a more spring like meal plan. Breakfast was a bit rushed and I really didn’t fancy a shake this morning so I had a small bowl of chocolate chip weetabix minis with almond milk. I did accompany this with a banana and a glass of mango aloe water. My snack for the morning was an apple and a Trek protein flapjack because again I was on the move around the prison so wanted to snack on something easy. My lunch was a tuna sweet corn pasta salad which was completely delicious and had kept really well!! My afternoon snack was a satsuma and a Greek yoghurt with honey because it was that little bit of sweetness for a kick in the middle of an afternoon. Dinner was one of my favourite spring/summer quick meals of a 50:50 wrap with lettuce, tomato, a little bit of cheese and breaded chicken (I did also add a tablespoon of onion and garlic dip for a little bit of sauce). My drink of choice is water at the minute and I am absolutely loving the mango aloe from Herbalife!! What are your meal plans like? 

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Beauty and the Beast

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than at the cinema with my little sister! 

Yesterday I took her to the Sussex Exchange which is a gorgeous venue with an intimate cinema, that seats around 30 people, for top class viewing of films. If you want an amazing film experience then this is the place to go being only five pound more than any chain cinema in your two centre. 

We went to see the new Beauty and the Beast because I hadn’t seen it and my little sister loved the film so much that she was more than happy to see it again. 

I can truly say I laughed I smiled and I cried through the film and I am so glad I gave it a chance. For somebody who loves the classic animated films Disney makes this was the first live-action film I have seen. I wouldn’t go and see Cinderella or The jungle book because I thought that making films live-action would ruin them. 

Everybody knows the story of Beauty and the Beast and if you don’t then where the hell have you been your entire life!! Emma Watson played the part of Belle beautifully and really portrayed an amazing real life character. You cannot fault any of the other cast that were chosen to play the well known characters of Gaston, Cogsworth etc. From the surprise of Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson playing parts to the likes of Dan Stevens and Luke Evans in the main roles it really was the movie for everybody. Josh Gad playing the part of LeFou was totally fitting after his previous role in Frozen as my favourite snowman Olaf. 

If you are looking for a family film to see throughout the Easter or just starting the next list of films you want to purchase for home movie nights then this definitely has to be on the list!! This may be a late review of the film but I will end this post with the fact that if my little sister, who doesn’t watch films let alone Disney films, is happy to see this twice then it is certainly one of the hottest films of the year!! 

One Year Celebration!!

I can’t believe my Guide Unit has been open for a year! This year has gone so fast and my unit has grown in size and almost tripled. I wouldn’t have been able to keep it going without the ongoing support from my mum, my best friend (Hannah) and the other leaders at the Brownie and Rainbow Unit.
To celebrate my unit being open for a year I decided it would be a nice idea to take the girls out on a day trip so, we hoped on a train and went to Brighton for the day. The weather was beautiful for a spring day so the girls didn’t mind walking between different destinations as much. Our first stop was the SeaLife Centre on the seafront where we saw so many different sea creatures and the girls got to play in the interactive rock pool. I had as much fun as they did looking at all of the fish! 

We then had to stop off for our picnic lunch so we went down on the pebbles of Brighton Beach where we ate our lunch and talked about how much we enjoyed the Aquarium. Our next stop was of course the Pier where I allowed the girls time to play in the arcades and go on the waltzers at the end of the Pier (fortunately we had no throw ups of lunch and the girls really enjoyed the air hockey tournaments that we held). Whilst on the pier Hannah and I found an awesome game where you had to knock down the clowns to win tickets. I won myself enough tickets for a snazzy palace pier mug which I surprisingly love!

After an hour or so on the Pier it was time to make our way to Pizza Hut for our celebratory meal out. We had prebooked the table otherwise the poor restaurant wouldn’t have been able to cope with having 17 people turn up who all wanted to sit together! The girls had the Big Heroes menu option whilst the adults were allowed an adult meal which was delicious and everybody found something that they liked to eat. I of course finished off my meal with salted caramel cookie dough and ice cream. It was such a lovely trip to Brighton and the weather made it all the more worthwhile as it was warm and sunny for the whole day!! I want to take this opportunity to give a big shoutout to the lovely staff at Queens Road Brighton Pizza Hut who were so accommodating and treated our girls with respect thank you so much for allowing us to have a super fun time!! 

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March Favourites 

It’s April!! Can you believe it?? So many things have happened in March and it is now time to share with you my favourite products which I have been using throughout the last month. 

First up is my new baby. I am now a proud owner of my new car and I couldn’t love it any more!! It was not the car I was going to test drive and if you’d have asked a month ago if I would own a car like it I would have said no way!! I now adore this car, it is so comfortable to drive for long commutes to work and has enough space to fit seven big bin bags in the boot and three people in the back less cramped than in my previous car. 

Second are my high waisted skinny jeans from Marks and Spencer!! I don’t know whether I put these in my last favourites but again I have been living in these jeans they are soft and comfortable and the colour is perfect for a spring windy day out!! I normally wear these jeans with some converse and a blouse type top. 

If you are looking for the perfect sweet snack that’s healthier than a chocolate bar then I can highly recommend these Trek original oak protein flapjacks. I found these in the Free From isle in the supermarket and they are so tasty and full of flavour!! They are also sold in cocoa and coconut flavour which are equally delicious. 

I have been having some trouble with my skin lately and it has been really sensitive but I have been using the Nivea refreshing toner to try and cool and soothe my skin and it has worked a treat! I use this before I go to bed or before I apply make up and it makes my skin so soft and ready for the day! 

My final favourite for the past month is the film the Immitation Game. I bought this solely because it has Benedict Cumberbatch in it who is one of my favourite actors. I can surprisingly say I love this film and would tell anybody I know to watch it. I have watched it around three times this month and it is such a beautiful tale about a man who lived in my home town. 

What have been your favourite products for March? Let me know what you think I should try in the products I would love to hear suggestions!! 

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