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Shredded Feet and up at the O2 

On Saturday evening I was out on a walk along the seafront with my family and dogs when a lady came running up from the sea shouting for somebody to help her rescue a baby seal. My mum nominated my sister and I to go and help rescue it and I spent around half an hour running bare foot around the rock pools and in and out of the sea fully dressed trying to get this seal back out to sea. The seal was fine and finally went back out to sea but I ended up with five or six cuts on each of my feet which really blooming hurt. Today was a special day because we took my nan up to the O2 for her Christmas present. My sister, mum and I drove up to Eltham to meet up with my Nans best friend (Auntie Jan) at her house and we got the bus to the O2. We had a bit of time to spare so my mum, sister and I went on the Emirates Cable Car which was amazing, you could see so much of London! At two o’clock it was time for my Nan’s Christmas present, my sister and I were meant to be joining my nan in a climb Up at the O2 but unfortunately my sister couldn’t partake so my poor Auntie Jan got roped in to go up. The experience was amazing and the view was incredible. I would highly recommend to anybody who likes heights and a thrill to book tickets to go Up at the O2. My nan, Auntie Jam and I had an amazing time and our guide Rory was amazing as he stayed with my nan and Auntie Jan for the whole experience helping them when they got stuck! After the climb we rejoined my mum, sister and Uncle Ken for some dinner. We went to Zizzi’s which was as always incredibly and we all chowed down. I went for my usual Pink G&T, chicken and mushroom risotto and then to finish my sister and I shared the salted caramel brownie and the white chocolate and raspberry blondie. Today has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful that my family love adventures even on a Sunday! 💕

A week in Cumbria 

It’s that time of year when we go on a family adventure and this year mum drove us all up to Cumbria. We split the journey and spent one night in Peterborough before we made it up to the most beautiful place of rolling hills that were also quite intimidating! We had hired a beautiful wooden hut called Dobby’s Lodge which had views over Skiddaw. The decor of the place was done so well and it had such a quaint and cosy feel. On the Sunday we went into the towns of Cockermouth and Keswick which were so different to any villages I have been to before with the river Derwent and river Cocker flowing through Cockermouth. St Bega’s church was a bit of a hidden gem in Bassenthwaite with a half an hour walk through fields to get to it. It is still a working church with a list of the service going ahead on the door. If you want somewhere to go wild swimming then you must visit Ullswater lake with a beautifully scenic backdrop and sailing ships out on the water it is the perfect place for a swim or kayak. For another water based walk you must visit the gorgeous waterfall Aira Force with the natural rapids and waterfalls it is a stunningly beautiful area. If you want an awesome short mountain hike then a walk in Whinlatter to Seat How is a nice 10km of mountainous terrain and is perfect for the dogs to have a run, the cafe may also be where I discovered Kiwi and Lime Old Mount Cider (delish)! We also went to a couple of awesome little pubs the Sun Inn at Bassenthwaite and the Ramblers Bar in Glenridding where I had traditional Cumberland sausage and mash for lunch!  

An afternoon tea 

If you want a quiet and tranquil afternoon filled with tea and delicious cake then you must go and visit Jo and the lovely staff at this delightful tea rooms in East Sussex!! I have only just visited for afternoon tea and it was so beautiful I had to blog about it straight away!! The Tic Toc is situated in a small village and is a combination of a gift shop, a hairdressers and a tea rooms out the back with an amazing view across the cliffs. I have been filled with countless cups of tea and lots of delicious sandwiches and cakes, which are all made by the wonderful team who welcome you with big smiles. To spend some quality with my cousin, nanny and mummy in a gorgeous setting is the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon off work! 

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A week in Spain 🇪🇸 

Last week my best friend and I went to the Costa Del Sol to chill and spend some much needed time in the sun! Our flight was super early on the Monday morning so we stayed at the Premier Inn at Gatwick’s North Terminal, of course we had to get a pic of our matching pjs in the bathroom mirror because the lighting was just right. We arrived at Malaga Airport early on Monday morning and went and collected our car which was a horrible colour Fiat Panda, we then drove down to Fuengirola which is around 20 minutes south of Malaga. We found a parking space and our first trip was to the Zoo where there were so many school children on a tour but we managed to spend a couple of hours looking around, we also got a really nice picture so that was a bonus. After the zoo we walked through the lanes down to the beach where we found a lovely café for a spot of lunch, whilst we were there we met a couple who used to live in Hastings but now live out in Fuengirola full time talk about small world! After lunch we went for a wander down onto the beach and it was then time to head back to the car to drive to our resort. We stayed at Club Marbella which is part of the Crown Resorts, a chain of family resorts with something for everybody, around the Costa Del Sol. The apartment was lovely and we couldn’t wait to get down to the pool and chill. Most of our holiday was chilling down by the pool where I watched the first two seasons of Line of Duty on Netflix and I read the whole of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, we also did a bit of swimming in the pool. On Wednesday we ate at the restaurant on the resort as there were Flamenco dancers performing and I wanted to see them. At dinner I found the most delicious snack/starter of deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce OMG it was amazing! The Flamenco dancers were awesome as usual and of course there had to be somebody who kissed them at the end. On the Thursday we went down the road to Little Italy for dinner. We had cheesy garlic bread which was so gooey and delicious, I then had Seafood Pasta cooked to perfection in a tomato sauce and for dessert it had to be the classic Coconut Ice Cream served in half of a coconut, it was an amazing last meal of the holiday and I can’t wait to go back there for food sometime soon! We flew back to Gatwick late on the Friday night and it was safe to say that we had a fabulously relaxing holiday. I would also like to say how immensely proud I am of my best friend for conquering a lot of fears on the holiday from flying on a plane, to driving in a foreign country and speaking to different people without prompting, I knew how difficult the holiday was for her and it is safe to say she was tested a lot that whole week! Thank you for an amazing experience best one!! 

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A short(ish) trip to Budapest

Hello everyone,

Last Thursday myself and 23 other people went on a trip to Budapest to celebrate the Senior Section Spectacular.

We left Gatwick at 9:45 where we went  to armadillo for breakfast, I had a chocolate and Chorizo Benedict, and arrived in Budapest around 12:45. Our transfers picked us up and took us to our accommodation. We stayed in the Maverick City Lodge which was like an upmarket Youth Hostel. The rooms were lovely and the staff were really helpful telling us how to get to things and where we could find things to do in the four days we were staying.



Once we had settled into the hotel on the Thursday evening we went for a wander around the local area, we found a street food market where we had dinner, we found a Tesco where we stocked up on water for the rest of our stay and we found the Ruin Pubs. For dinner I had the most delicious Four cheese pasta. We then headed back to the Lodge where they had a Goulash tasting evening, which is a traditional Hungarian dish. It was so delicious!

On the Friday we got up bright and early for breakfast, which was slightly minimal and there wasn’t really much variety. We then went on a wander and found a sightseeing bus tour which went around the city, we saw St Steven’s Basilica which was a gorgeous building and the first stop on the bus tour, we also went over the Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge to the Statue of Liberty and the Citadel which is the highest viewing point in Budapest. On the tour we also went past the most Gorgeous synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the City. We got off of the bus at stop 22 to go and claim our free pizza from the voucher booklet we got from the bus company.

On the Friday afternoon we then visited the Szechenyi thermal bath, passing Hero’s Square on the walk. The baths were incredible and so relaxing after a long day on the bus! We spent three hours at the baths and then went for a wander to find some food for dinner. We ended up going back to Fat Mama which was the restaurant attached to our hostel. The food was delicious. After dinner we tried Palinka, a Hungarian shot, and then four of us visited the Ruin Pubs for a cocktail.

On Saturday we went to the biggest market in Budapest with over three hundred stalls. The atmosphere was incredible and the smell of fresh fruit it you as soon as you waked in through the doors. At the market I found presents for my family back at home. We then had a Picnic in the gardens outside the market.

After lunch we found a bus to go up to the Castle. The bus didn’t go all of the way up to the castle and we had to go up on the Funicular Railway which provided gorgeous views. It was a beautiful building with a museum on its doorstep and some cafes and shops the other side. Victoria and I went for a look around the shops and then sat on the grass outside the castle and were lucky enough to the see the changing of the guards not once but twice.

That evening we went on a dinner river cruise which was a wonderful experience. On arrival you were given even a glass of Champagne or a soft drink. The food was buffet style and there was so much to choose from. Within the price you also got a glass of wine or a soft drink and a bottle of water. There was live entertainment throughout the evening from a String trio, two violins and a cello.

After the river cruise we then all headed to the ice bar where the over 18s got one cocktail and the under 18s got two non-alcoholic drinks within the entry fee.

Sunday was meant to be our last day so we got the bus to Margaret Island, where we had lunch, paddled in the fountain and went on a failure of a bike ride as there were four of us on one bike, two people would pedal and two would sit in the front. We did crash a few times but for beginners I would say we were quite good.

We then got the bus back to the hostel where we went back to the street market for dinner. This time I chose another traditional Hungarian dish Langos, which is like a flat doughnut with sour cream, cheese and meat stew. I really enjoyed it. We then headed back to the hostel to collect our transfers to the airport.

After waiting for three hours at the airport for our delayed flight home we were then notified that our flight had been cancelled. This led to us then sitting in an airport until half past four in the morning whilst EasyJet tried to find a way to get the 24 of us home.

We were put in the Mercure hotel in Buda until Tuesday when we were meant to start our journey home.

On the Monday we all slept in late. In the afternoon some of us visited the stunning Opera house and went on a tour which finished with an incredible five minute Aria. Before our tour at 5pm we visited the Opera café were we could have a drink and either Opera cake or Chocolate torte. The Opera house was amazing with the auditorium decorated in 24 carat gold. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside unless we paid extra money, but I would highly recommend that you visit this place if ever you go to Budapest.

After the Opera house we went on a quick shop to find knickers, as most people had run out, and then headed back to the Hotel for dinner. EasyJet had given us a set some of money for dinner but it was not enough for a meal and a drink so the leaders ended up subsidising our meal and told us that we could have three courses and a drink. I had a glass of white wine. To start I had Consumme with Chicken wrapped in cabbage leaves, for a main I had seafood pasta and for pudding I had Chocolate Soufflé.

On the Tuesday morning six people of our group , me included, who were meant to be flying to Basel and then from Basel to home, were ready to be collected by the transfers that EasyJet had organised. The transfers were late and then would not leave the hotel until all 24 people were in the cars, meaning we were all late to the airport and 18 people would be sitting around until 17:30 waiting for their flight.

On arriving at the airport one of the girls who was a minor in a wheelchair was separated from our group and checked in and then rushed to the gate, four of us were not booked onto the correct flight and one was not booked onto any flight at all! We then had to rush around to find the other five people who were on the flight, luckily there were two over 18s on the fight, and send them to the gate. One girl missed the flight as security would not let her through quick enough, I did not get on the flight and I was not on the flight I was meant to be on.

This then meant that we had to make sure the 18 girls that were left were on the flight to Berlin and then flying to Gatwick from Berlin the following morning. One girl who was meant to be on the Basel flight had run out of insulin, we had to take a leader off of the Berlin flight and leave her in Budapest so that the girl who missed her flight could fly home and we had to put the leader who had no flight onto a flight.

We finally made it to Berlin where we stayed in the intercity hotel overnight, it was a five minute walk to the airport. At half past four on the Wednesday morning we walked to the airport so that three girls and the leader could check in. One girl went to check in and EasyJet had taken her off of the flight so we then had to wait half an hour for her to be put back on the flight.We got all the way to the boarding gate and I handed my boarding pass in only to find I had not been put on the boarding list. This caused another half an hour delay and I was finally put on the flight.

I absolutely loved Budapest and really enjoyed meeting loads of new people but one thing I have learnt from this trip is that I will never use EasyJet again!!!

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Wellies and Wristbands

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been having a lovely last few days of the Summer Holidays before you go back to school.

On Thursday I travelled down to Foxlease Training and Activity Centre in Lyndhurst, Hampshire, for a Girl Guiding Festival called Wellies and Wristbands. The festival is organised by volunteers and the centre manager and is like a mini Glastonbury for Guides and The Senior Section.

I went down as a volunteer and worked on the Security team along with some really lovely people. I was put in the Princess Mary House for my accommodation in the Australia room and lucky for me I was sharing a room with some awesome ladies!

On the Friday all of the units arrived from all across the country. They started arriving by twelve and had to have their tents pitched and be ready for dinner at 1700 that evening. The first evening consisted of five performers; The Waiters; Joey Devries, Victoria Louise, Josh Taylor, Jack Morlen and Michael Sutthakorn. The girls really enjoyed their first evening.

On the Saturday the girls could enjoy loads of different activities throughout the day, their was a Pamper Zone, a Walled Garden Café, different activities from crate stacking to kayaking, Hot Tubs, a Craft Tent, inflatables and Segway’s to name but a few things. On the Saturday evening there were another five performers: RoadTrip, Channy Thompson, Chloe Adam, Polar Collective and Alien Uncovered.

The Sunday was pretty much the same as the Saturday with the girls doing the activities they were unable to do the previous day. I was part of the Security team throughout my time and on Sunday I was by the stage for the performances on the Sunday. There were yet again some great performers that the girls loved: Kevin Simm, The Brooks, Lew Rey and District 12.

The whole event was a massive success with 2500 girls and leaders all coming together in one place! The décor for the event was amazing with windmills up the drive way, fairy lights through the campsites leading the way and lanterns, signs and bunting to give it the all important festival feel.

The Catering was amazing with the set menu being so varied and catering for everybody’s individual needs. There was also a Night Café which served chips and burgers, as well as a visit from Ice Cream Vans and a Tango Blast Van.

I met some such wonderful people over the weekend and will most definitely be going back again next year whether it be volunteering or taking my guides with me so that they can experience this fun and safe environment!

I want to give a huge shout out to the centre and all of the volunteers especially Anne and her team who organised and carried out the whole event.

I will leave a link to the Wellies and Wristbands Song by Polar Collective Here

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Awesomely Worthless





Jack in the Green/ MayDay Bikes 

Hello everyone, 

Today was the day of the yearly event in Hastings, Jack in The Green, and the May Day Bike event! Every year in Hastings we celebrate Mayday with a precession from the Old Town up to the West Hill, the town is also filled with motorbikes who come from all over the country to a massive meet in Hastings to celebrate MayDay. 

The old town is dressed up with floral decorations and greenery especially in George Street the main area of the Old Town. 

This year I went down to the Old Town with my Nanny and her best friend, we walked along to Rock-A-Nore to watch the precession made up of the Jack, the Morris dancers and the local drummers, set off on their journey up to the West Hill where the Jack is then warned off and Summer can arrive. The Jack is accompanied by bogies who go around giving members of the crowd green noses. The precession was as good as ever this year with gorgeous costumes and mad drumming followed by calm Morris dancers. 

After the precession we made our way along to look at all of the motorbikes which had come down to the Town. On our way we did stop off for a classic bag of chips from The Lifeboat Chip Shop. 

After looking at the wide arrange of bikes and quad bikes there were we went to Mr Beans to warm up with a Hot Chocolate which was one of the best I have ever had in Hastings! 

There were loads of stalls in the Town Centre and it was lovely to see it buzzing with people who had come down for the day to see what our event was all about. One stall that caught my eye had this massive Paella cooking on it and I wish I hadn’t of had chips earlier in the day! 

What have you been up this May Bank Holiday? Leave your comments below. 

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